Fitness Equipment Hire Livingston

Take it from someone who knows, the world is full of temptation. If you’re working a nine to five job, it’s a lot easier to order a McDonald’s to the office for lunch than to sit and prepare a healthier meal. We know how it is, especially now that McDonald’s are running their annual Monopoly promotion. Now, we’re not dieticians, but it’s fairly obvious that this isn’t a great situation. If you’re finding yourself piling on the pounds, you need to either decrease your calories or increase your exercise. If you can’t fix your diet at the moment, you can counteract some of the effects by working out. To help you out, we provide clients with fitness equipment hires in Livingston.

For all the diets in the world, there is one fundamental truth of weight loss. You will lose weight if you are eating at a calorie deficit. You will maintain weight if you eat as much as you lose. You will gain weight if you’re intaking more calories than you lose. At a very basic level, this is how it works. You could eat 2,500 calories worth of lettuce (that’s around about 625 servings, so a lot of lettuce) if you were only to lose 1,900 calories that day you would still slowly gain weight. Fad diets will maybe work in the short term, but for long-term weight loss, you just need to exercise more and eat a little less of the more unhealthy things.

Maybe you’re struggling to exercise due to time constraints. Not everyone has time to go to the gym. That’s where Fitness Takeaway steps in. We provide clients with fitness equipment hires in Livingston so that they exercise in the comfort of their own homes. Whether you are wanting to do some extra cardio or maybe do some resistance training, we have a range of equipment that will suit you perfectly. Our customers have a range of treadmills, rowing machines, cross-trainers and magnetic cycles to choose from. So, you’re guaranteed to find an exercise you can at least tolerate.

Better still, we have equipment that can cut down the time you need to work out to cut those calories. Our vibration fitness trainers can theoretically half the time you need to work out to get the same effect. This is because a vibroplate sends powerful vibrations throughout your body and causes them to contract. This makes them work harder and makes your workouts more effective. It’s ideal for those who maybe have less time for exercise than would be ideal.

It won’t cost you an arm and a leg either, as our fitness equipment hire in Livingston is extremely well priced. The price of our rental service does depend upon the type of machine you are wanting to borrow. To give you an example, you can borrow our cross-trainer for 6 weeks and it’ll only cost you £45. That’s only £7 per week. For more information on our fitness equipment, please feel free to get in contact.