Rent Vibroplate Glasgow

We’ve all been there, working nine to five in an office job and steadily gaining pounds. Yes, we do mean in terms of both monetary gain and weight gain. Getting to sit down all day may seem like a bonus, but it does pretty awful things to your body. The issue is, you don’t lose as many calories when you’re sat down opposed to when you are active. The fewer calories you lose, the less you can intake without gaining weight. The obvious solution is the gym, but that’s just not something that can work out in some people’s schedules. For this reason, Fitness Takeaway allow you to rent vibroplates in Glasgow. You can work out from the comfort of your own home in half the time.

“Half the time?” We hear you ask. What do we mean by half the time? Well, what we mean is that you can potentially cut the time you would be working out in half with a vibroplate. A vibroplate sends high-speed vibrations through your body as you stand on it. This stimulates your muscles which causes them to work harder while you are working out. Consequently, you could theoretically do ten squats and get the effects of fifteen. This is backed by a number of academic studies that suggest that working out on a vibroplate can increase the effectiveness of an exercise routine.

It is important to note that a vibroplate is a supplement and not a replacement. We’re by no means suggesting that you could stand on it for half an hour a couple of days a week and get the effects of doing a full workout. No, you still need to exercise. Exercising on it can increase the effectiveness, but you do still need to put the effort in. However, as you can rent a vibroplate in Glasgow with Fitness Takeaway, you no longer have to put in the extra effort of actually going to the gym to use these machines. Instead, you can exercise in a judgement-free space; namely your own home.

It sounds too good to be true, right? A machine that can help you exercise more efficiently conveniently located in your home. Well, it’s not. The price isn’t off-putting, as you can make use of this fantastic service for the very reasonable price of £25 for 4 weeks or £50 for 10 weeks. Better yet, if you cannot bear to part with your new-found exercise buddy, we will allow you to keep it for an additional charge. It really is that easy. If you have any questions about how to rent a vibroplate in Glasgow with Fitness Takeaway, we do have a FAQ page. Additionally, you can feel free to get in contact with our team.