Vibration Fitness Trainer Bishopbriggs


If you are not in the fitness industry then sometimes it is hard to find motivation or time to keep fit and go to the gym. Although a quick hour at the gym may seem nothing by the time you travel workout shower and travel home that takes a significant chunk out of your night. At Fitness Takeaway we understand this and offer the hire of a vibration fitness trainer to the people of Bishopbriggs so that you can stay fit and healthy without having to find the time to go to the gym.

The vibration fitness trainer produces vibrations that cause your muscles to contract and make workouts a lot more difficult. This means your workouts do not have to be as long but you still get the benefits. This, however, does not mean that you don’t have to put the work in there is no easy way to get fitter and stronger. There are numerous exercises that you can do on this machine such as squats which will help tone your leg muscles and get them stronger. You can also do core exercises such as a plank on the machine which will increase the difficulty of the exercises meaning you feel that extra burn on your core muscles which will significantly help strengthen them.

There are other added benefits of using this machine including increasing bone density and it is key for injury prevention. We offer a great deal on hire for this machine with it only costing £25 for 4 weeks. If you like this machine and it is of benefit to you then you could purchase this from us at the end of the hire.

If you are in the Bishopbriggs area and looking to hire one of our vibration fitness trainers or would like to find out more then please get in contact.