Vibration Plate Hire Musselburgh

One of the largest settlements in East Lothian, Musselburgh is a scenic city that offers Scottish tourists and locals a more peaceful affair than the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh. Most famous for its Racecourse, it also boasts a stunning beach and it’s own unique set of shops and parks for people to enjoy. It also houses a university campus, with Queen Margaret University being a couple of minutes walk from the Musselburgh train station. Unfortunately, one thing that Musselburgh lacks is gym facilities. There are a couple of great gyms, but the emphasis there is on ‘a couple.’ At Fitness Takeaway we offer a number of great fitness equipment for people to hire, and we believe our vibration plate hire in Musselburgh can make a huge difference in resident’s health and fitness routines.

What is a Vibration Plate?

A vibration plate is a piece of exercise equipment that consists of a vibrating platform that you can stand or sit on. While there are variations in size and design, with some having handles and some not, the basic plate looks consistent across machines. The design of the vibration plate is based upon the concept of whole body vibration (WBV), in which vibrations of any frequency are transferred to the human body. It has been the topic of a number of academic studies, with scholars debating how effective it is in regards to fitness. It’s generally seen to be safe if carried out in low frequencies and is an effective way to exercise musculoskeletal structures.

What are the benefits?

A vibration plate causes the muscles to contract and stretch as you attempt to keep balance on a rapidly vibrating platform. When set to the perfect frequency, the majority of muscles can be tightened, which is a big improvement on the usual 45% that conventional muscle training covers. This consequently makes workouts between 25 to 100 percent more effective. All this makes for a more efficient workout, as more muscles are being made to work at one time. It has been known to condense the effects of an hour training session into just ten minutes, saving you heaps of time too.

Where can I find one?

You can find vibration plates in most big gyms. You will have to buy an expensive gym membership in order to trial the benefits of a vibration plate for yourself to see if it makes a big difference for you. Alternatively, you can make use of Fitness Takeaways convenient vibration plate hire in Musselburgh. This will mean you can trial the vibro plate for a number of weeks to see if it works for you in the convenience of your own home. Better still, if you really enjoy the product, we are happy to let you keep it for a fee.

We don’t just offer vibration plate hire to the folk in Musselburgh, we also offer a number of other exercise equipment so that fitness fanatics can have access to the equipment they love. Treadmills, rowing machines, and multi-gyms are all available for our clients to enjoy. For more information contact us via our contact form or via the phone on 01236 767211.