Vibration Plate Hire Polmadie


Injuries during exercise are a common thing. Everyone dreads the thoughts of pulling a muscle or any other injury for that matter however, this is part and parcel most people’s fitness journey. Whether it be doing too much exercise in a short period of time or not stretching before your workout there are always things that you can use to prevent injury. Here at Fitness Takeaway our Vibration Plate Hire is an excellent piece of equipment for both preventing injuries and recovering from injuries.

The vibrations let off from the plate have a huge improvement on your muscles. From flexibility to strength and power, this will have a huge effect on both preventing injuries and will help you strengthen your muscles when recovering from an injury. Exercises such as squats, lunges and single-leg balances will be ideal to help build strength power and flexibility. As well as being good for injuries there are numerous other things that the vibration plate is excellent for such as improving bone density, improving circulation and reducing cellulite. Also, exercises such as planks will be significantly enhanced due to the vibrations making it a tougher workout and rapidly improving your core strength.

Due to these vibrations, your workout does not have to last as long. However, this does not mean that there are any shortcuts to be taken. We offer a great deal for the hire of our vibration plate for the people in and around Polmadie. For only £25 you can hire this machine for 4 weeks. When you take into consideration the cost and hassle of getting to the gym when you can use this machine from the comfort of your own home then this is a very fair deal. Also, for a one-off fee, the machine could be yours at the end of your 4-week hire.

If you are in the Polmadie area and feel that our Vibration Plate Hire service would be of benefit to you then please get in contact.