Vibration Plate Hire Renfrew


Nowadays with work and family life taking priority many people are finding it harder and harder to find time to exercise. Fitness Takeaway offers the chance to people in the Renfrew area to work-out all from the comfort of your own home. This is a huge plus as it means that you can fit your exercise in amongst your busy life. One of the most common pieces of equipment hired out by Fitness Takeaway is the Vibration Plate.

The reasons that a lot of people opt to hire the Vibration Plate is:

  • You can reduce your workout time significantly by using this and still get the same effect and outcome as a full workout
  • It helps improve your core strength and tones your muscles
  • Helps improve your balance and coordination
  • Helps to reduce Cellulite and maintain bone density
  • Perfect for helping you recover from an inju0y
  • Helps prevent injuries occurring

Some of the exercises you can do on the Vibration Plate include squats and lunges. These exercises with the addition of the vibrations from the machines lead to more blood flow and a reduction in muscle soreness meaning you can work-out the day after without feeling any effects of the day before which can allow you to exercise more and get fitter, stronger and more toned.

At just £25 for 4 weeks hire of the Vibration Plate this is a great deal provided by Fitness Takeaway to the people in Renfrew when you consider the cost of a monthly gym membership. In addition to this if you grow too attached to your vibration plate then Fitness Takeaway allows for a longer hire or even allows you to purchase this piece of equipment.

If you are in Renfrew and would like to enquire about the purchase of the Vibration Plate then please get in contact with us and your fitness journey could be underway in no time.