Vibro Plate Hire Bathgate

There are many companies now who offer vibro plate hire in Bathgate and we at Fitness Takeaway are one of them. We have been providing our services since 1987 so you can be certain that you are using a company who has experience in the industry if you choose to use us. We provide many different pieces of equipment that people can hire but one of the most popular ones is the vibro plate.

Some people ask why the vibro plate is one that many people choose to hire, there are many reasons for this:

  • the cost – there are vibro plates in many establishments such as gyms, beauty salons, sun bed shops etc but these can prove to be quite costly if you choose to use it regularly but if you hire one for your home in Bathgate you can use it as often as you want for the price set out in the hire that you choose.
  • less strenuous exercise – the vibro plate can condense a workout for you, so an hour workout in the gym can be cut to 15 minutes on a vibro plate. People can also choose to do different exercises using the vibro plate including lunges, squats, push ups, planks – this gives people the chance to work different parts of their bodies instead of just standing if they want to.
  • improve flexibility and strength and help with weight loss and cellulite – people should remember that as well as using a vibro plate they should have a healthy diet to help with weight loss. Another huge benefit of using a vibro plate is that you can intensify the workout.


The points above are only some of the benefits but there are many more.

When you hire a vibro plate from us in Bathgate there are different hire periods available for you to choose from, these are clearly displayed on our website alongside the price for each hire period. If you select a hire period but then decide that you would like it for longer then that isn’t a problem as the period can be extended for you.

So, if you are in Bathgate and looking to hire a vibro plate then contact us today and we can get it sorted for you.