Vibro Plate Hire Carluke

Now we are officially into the summer months it becomes harder to maintain your fitness. There are lots of different factors which would make you not want to go to the gym and work out such as going on holiday or the weather being too nice and it is too hot to head to the gym. However, if maintaining your fitness and strength is important to you then Fitness Takeaway can help. We offer a Vibro plate hire to people in Carluke meaning that you wouldn’t have to go down to the gym but instead could work out from home.

A vibration plate is an ideal piece of equipment for helping to keep you fit and strong. Although not as popular as machines such as treadmills or rowing machines this still has many benefits and is also a smaller machine meaning it wouldn’t take up as much room in your home as the treadmill or rowing machine would. The vibrations produced from the machine help enhance your work out meaning exercises such as a plank or squats done on the Vibro plate would help strengthen and your muscles even more rather than just doing them from the floor. In addition to strengthening and toning your muscles, it also helps reduce cellulite, increases bone density, and helps prevent injuries making this a key piece of fitness equipment.

Costing just £25 for 4 weeks hire we are offering a great price for you to have this machine. Also if you are reaping the rewards of this machine and do not wish to return it to us then for just a one-off fee it could be yours to keep. If you are in the Carluke area and feel our Vibro plate hire would be of interest to you then please contact us to find out more.