Vibro Plate Hire Crieff

Here at our company we provide vibro plate hire to people in Crieff and the surrounding areas. We have been providing fitness equipment hire to people for many years now so would class ourselves as one of the leading companies around that provide this service.

Hiring a vibro plate for use in your home in Crieff has many advantages, these include:

  • you can workout as and when you have time to
  • you don’t have to pay for gym memberships that you can’t make full use of
  • you don’t have to wait on machines to become available in a gym if it is busy


Above are just some of the benefits of having one in your home.

The benefits of choosing a vibro plate to hire over some of the other equipment that we have available is that:

  • an hours workout in a gym can be condensed into a shorter period on a vibro plate
  • you can tone up without vigorous exercise
  • it improves your strength and flexibility
  • it can help with balance and coordination
  • it can be used to help after an injury


You can read about the many other benefits on our website.

We have different hire periods available when it comes to vibro plate hire in Crieff and the surrounding areas with you being able to select anything from 4 weeks onwards. At the end of the selected hire period though you can choose to return the equipment or extend the hire if you wish to. We like to offer our customers the best prices that we can when it comes to hiring fitness equipment.

So, if you are looking to hire a vibro plate or any of the other equipment that we offer to use in your home in Crieff then why not contact us today and arrange it.