Vibro Plate Hire Edinburgh

Fitness Takeaway offer Vibro Plate Hire in Edinburgh, we are based in central Scotland and offer our Vibro Plates for hire at £50 for 4 weeks. The Vibro plate is a popular choice for those of you who dont have the time to get down to the gym to do a workout.

The Vibro Plate is designed so that people can have a good workout without having to do the hard graft, 10 mins on a Vibro Plate is the same as doing a workout for an hour in a gym. You may see these plates in sunbed shops or even in the local gym. Gyms now have them so that they can aid your workout without having to do all the hard work.

The results that people can get using the Vibro Plate over the years has been phenomenal and because of this we have people all over Scotland who hire our fitness equipment.

The Vibrating Plate works if you stand sit or lean on the plate, depending on what way you stand sit or lean will depend on the area that benefits from the vibrations that come from the plate. The machine will vibrate causing your muscles to tense up and relax similar to the way they would if you were doing a workout, however the vibration plate works a lot faster.

So if you are looking for Vibro Plate Hire in Edinburgh then contact us and we will be able to get one delivered right to your door.