Vibro Plate Hire Kilmarnock

Are you considering hiring a Vibro Plate in Kilmarnock ? We ( fitness takeaway ) are one of Scotland’s biggest and longest serving fitness equipment hire companies and regularly hire out Vibro Plates and other fitness equipment in Kilmarnock. In recent years the vibration plate has become one of the most popular machines that we hire out, you may see them in your local gym and even some sunbed shops have them.

However you may not have time to go to the gym and for obvious reasons might choose not to go down to the local sunbed shop to have a shot of a vibro plate. What we can offer is Vibro Plate Hire in Kilmarnock and across Ayrshire and our team will deliver the machine right to the exact spot that you want to have it in your house. The Vibrating Plate manufacturers have done extensive research and tests and say that 10 minutes on one of these machines is the same as having a workout in the gym for an hour.

You can work all areas of your body on one of these Vibro Plates, you can sit, lean and position your body to work different parts of your body. The plate vibrates and contracts the and relaxes the muscles at a much quicker rate than you would doing it manually on a machine, this allows your body to have a rigourous workout without doing the hard work.

So if you are interested in Vibro Plate Hire in Kilmarnock then get in touch with us today to book one of our machines.