Vibro Plate Hire Lenzie


Nowadays, home fitness is becoming a lot more popular. It becomes harder due to work and family life as well as the cost of the gym to keep fit. At Fitness Takeaway we offer a great deal on a Vibro plate hire to people in the Lenzie area so that you do not miss out on the chance to keep fit or get in shape. The Vibro plate is a great piece of gym equipment as it creates a number of powerful vibrations that intensify the benefits of your workout meaning you can get more out of your workout without having to train as long.

Ther numerous benefits of using the Vibro plate include strengthening core muscles. You could do a number of exercises such as a plank or single-arm plank on the machine and the vibrations will add extra tension to your body meaning your core will have to work harder meaning you will get more out of exercises such as planks if you do them with the Vibro plate. As well as this it is key for reducing cellulite, improving posture and maintaining bone density.

The cost of the hire of the Vibro plate is £25 for four weeks which is a great deal provided by Fitness Takeaway when you consider the cost of travel and the cost of membership at the gym especially if you are in the Lenzie area which does not have a lot of gyms. If you are happy with your Vibro plate at the end of your four-week hire then there is an option to purchase the equipment at a one-off fee. This is a great deal as it allows you to try the Vibro plate before you commit to purchasing it.

If you are in the Lenzie area and would like to find out more or would like to hire a Vibro Plate then please contact us.