Vibro Plate Hire Newmains

Here at Fitness Takeaway, we have home gym equipment that is ideal for you. No trips to the gym needed,  no having to plan the gym into your schedule and no having to queue to get on the machines when you reach the gym. A great machine we have available to hire is our Vibro Plate and the people of Newmains can order this at a great price.

The Vibro Plate is a machine in the gym which sends vibrations all through the muscles in your body these vibrations causes stimulation in your muscles at a much higher rate, increasing the strength and the tone. There are certain exercises that the Vibro plate is key for such as planks as it will hugely increase your core strength and squats as it will tone your leg muscles. As well as this it is also excellent for injury prevention, reducing cellulite, reducing fat, and increasing your balance and flexibility and there are various exercises that you can use to do this.

The hire of this machine for 4 weeks is just £25 which is a great deal when you take into consideration the cost of travelling to and from the gym as well as the cost of a gym membership. As well as this you are also able to purchase this machine from us at the end of the 4-week hire for a one-off payment if you are feeling the benefits and would like to keep using it.

If you are in the Newmains area and would like to find out more of would like to hire a Vibro plate then please do not hesitate to contact us.