Vibro Plate Hire Stewarton

Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy company who can provide you with vibro plate hire in Stewarton? If so then you have found a company who can do just that. Having been in business now for many years we have build up a good reputation for ourselves.

We started off with 2 staff and had 1 van on the road but we now have 6 vans on the road and employ 15 people. We like to offer customers exactly what they are looking for, that’s why we offer a range of fitness machines which help them to achieve the results that they are hoping for.

Vibro plates are something that people look to hire regularly in Stewarton. They have many benefits including:

  • condensing a workout into a shorter period of time
  • different exercises can be done on them such as lunges, squats, push ups, allowing you to work different parts of your body
  • helping with weight loss, toning and rehabilitation after an injury
  • working your core muscles


Above tell of just some of the benefits but there are many more.

Our vibro plate hire in Stewarton allows you to select the hire period which suits you best, these different hire periods have different costs. You can hire a vibro plate from us for as little as £25.00 for 4 weeks, the prices can be found on our website.

People in Stewarton choose to hire vibro plates for their home as it allows them to use it as and when they please and it also saves them from having to go out to use it elsewhere.

If you are interested in hiring a vibro plate for your home in Stewarton then why not contact us today.