Vibro Plates Bathgate

We offer vibro plates to people in Bathgate and all over central Scotland. The vibro plates we supply can be hired or bought depending on what you would prefer to do. In many instances we have had people in Bathgate hire a vibro plate initially and then go on to extend the hire period before deciding that they would actually like to purchase the vibro plate.

We have a range of hire periods available when you hire our vibro plates, these vary from 4 weeks to 16 weeks or even more if you would like it longer and the prices are available for you to see on our website.

Vibro plates are proving to be a popular choice of fitness equipment for home hire due to the benefits and results it can produce. Some of these benefits include;

  • reducing cellulite
  • working your core muscles
  • increasing your strength
  • improving your flexibility and posture
  • condensing your workout into a shorter period, with you being able to condense 1 hour exercise into just ten minutes


The list above are just some of the benefits but there are many others that you can see on our website.

People in Bathgate sometimes ask us how vibro plates work and the answer to this question is that the vibrations in the board cause the muscles in your body to contract and relax many times a second, this strengthens and tones your muscles as you would do if you were doing a workout.

Another benefit of using vibro plates to exercise on is that you don’t have to just stand there for the period of time that you are on it, you can do many exercises on it including;

  • squats
  • lunges
  • push ups
  • planks


In doing different exercises on the vibro plate you can target different areas of your body.

So, if you are in Bathgate and would like to find out more about vibro plates or hiring them then you can contact us and we would be more than happy to help.